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Customer reviews and testimonials have always been important to a business. In fact, for decades businesses have been using customer testimonials to better serve their customers. A good customer relationship is a key to the success of a business. A satisfied customer is more likely to refer new clients to your business than one who is not satisfied with what you offer. Even though search engine optimisation is relatively new to the business world, top SEO service testimonials are very important to improve the services provided by SEO agencies. In fact, there are many advantages of customer service testimonials to an SEO provider. Not only it will help to improve their services – but to rank their website highly on Google and the other search engines. Here are some of the many advantages of top SEO service testimonials. read more

Ever since the economic crisis, Ireland’s government, business sectors, and community efforts have been targeting the exploding unemployment rate. As of June 2018, the country has seen its lowest unemployment rate since prior to the crisis – 5.1%, .2% fewer unemployed individuals than projected for 2019 by Irish economists. Still, unemployment rates among specific groups – particularly youths between the ages of 18 and 24 – remain too high for comfort. SEO Solutions are a leading Irish digital marketing company who are hiring more and more employees yearly and are involved with Irish unemployment initiatives. read more