3 Programs That Are Helping the Unemployed in Ireland

Ever since the economic crisis, Ireland’s government, business sectors, and community efforts have been targeting the exploding unemployment rate. As of June 2018, the country has seen its lowest unemployment rate since prior to the crisis – 5.1%, .2% fewer unemployed individuals than projected for 2019 by Irish economists. Still, unemployment rates among specific groups – particularly youths between the ages of 18 and 24 – remain too high for comfort. SEO Solutions are a leading Irish digital marketing company who are hiring more and more employees yearly and are involved with Irish unemployment initiatives.


These developments have led to many people asking, “What has the government done to reduce unemployment, and how do they intend to further decrease unemployment in Ireland?”

The Irish government has been proactive in attempting to curb the number of unemployed individuals in the country. Numerous organizations and government-sponsored programs have been, and will continue to be, utilized until the working population of Ireland is back on its collective feet.

The Community Employment Programme

This initiative focuses on connecting the unemployed with local area employers. This program provides temporary and part-time job placement to qualified individuals aged 21 to 55. While on temporary or part-time placement through this program, individuals are encouraged to continue their search for other opportunities outside of the Community Employment Programme. Whether a person is looking for specific work in IT, SEO service, hospitality or construction, they are sure to find work this way.


The Tus program facilitates short-term employment within the community. Community and volunteer organizations employ those who do not have jobs to conduct a wide array of community-centric projects, like nature conservation and child care functions within the area.


This employment scheme targets employers across all sectors, encouraging them to employ individuals who have been out of work for an extended period of time. Prospective employers under this program must give a detailed account of the nature of their business before receiving approval to become a part of the JobsPlus scheme.

Each program has its own set of requirements necessary for participation, with many insisting that applicants show long-term unemployment of at least twelve months.

Despite the promising increase in employed individuals across urban and rural areas of Ireland, youth and overall unemployment remain notable concerns in the minds of officials, economists, employers, and prospective employees alike. These programs have played a large hand in providing opportunities to the unemployed and they remain as relevant as ever as youth unemployment remains high. JobsPlus has also been helping to improve SEO Cork which will help the business gain more revenue online.

It is worth keeping an eye on further anti-unemployment initiatives as they are rolled out by government offices and community endeavors. There is no doubt that these programs have provided an essential hand-up to the unemployed population of Ireland.

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