The Bet365 Bonus Rules Explained & Some Key Terminology To Understand

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The Bet365 Bonus Rules Explained & Some Key Terminology To Understand

November 21, 2016No Comments

There’s a reason that Bet365 are the biggest online betting companies in the world. Whilst you might think it’s because of their incredibly advanced platform, great app, in-play betting, cash out functionality or the fact that they sponsor Stoke City FC, it’s actually down to their massive £200 new customer deposit bonus. For years now the Stoke-On-Trent based gambling giant has been offering a 100% matched deposit bonus to new customers that register on the website or through their Android/iOS app.


The Necessity Of The Qualifying Bets


The principle seems simple from the outset – create a bet365 account and you’ll get £200. At least that’s what many first think when they see Ray Winstone on the TV adverts that grace the nation. The reality is, in fact, that customers are given a ‘matched deposit’ bonus. This means that the size of their bonus is matched to the amount they deposit before entering the offer code. Whilst this may seem fair, we’ve yet to analyse the further stages needed. Customers must first place bets that add up to the amount of their bonus before being able to bet with it. Effectively this means their bonus is added to their account but remains locked, until they place enough ‘qualifying bets’. Bet365 require customers to place these bets as an added hoop for them to jump through. Without said hoops, customers would capitalise on their bonus funds and become too unprofitable for the company.

What Is A Wagering Requirement And Why Do People Get Caught Out By It?


Once a new customer has placed bets that amount up to their bonus amount, the bonus funds become unlocked. The customer must then complete the wagering requirement. This is also known as the bet365 bonus turnover, and is explained with an incredible interactive feature at CompareTheBets. Their guide is the best that is currently available to get the bet365 bonus explained thoroughly, with a live example. They’ve included calculator allows you to enter the size of the bonus you wish to claim and hit a generator button. It will produce a set of instructions that explain exactly how to use the bet365 free bet, and the exact wagering requirements necessary to be able to cash out your bonus.

Withdrawing The Bonus Balance


The wagering requirements may seem steep. In order to withdraw the bonus balance, customers must play through the sum of their deposit AND bonus amount three times. A customer that deposits £50 will be given a £50 bonus. They’ll need to bet through that once (to unlock the bonus funds, known as the qualifying bet – as explained earlier), and then place a further £300 worth of bets before being able to withdraw all their bonus winnings. The £300 is calculated by adding the deposit amount with the bonus amount and multiplying it by three ((£50 + £50) x 3). Sites like and the Bet365 FAQs itself have delved into a slight amount of detail to try and properly inform new customers of the rules, but CompareTheBets have gone an extra mile into guiding punters through the exact process needed to claim the welcome bonus and withdraw the free bet balance. The Bet365 customer service team is also on standby 24 hours a day by telephone, email, live chat and snail mail should you have any issues or queries.

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