A Review Of Popular Handheld Steam Cleaners

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A Review Of Popular Handheld Steam Cleaners

July 26, 2016No Comments

Handheld steam cleaners refer to steam cleaners that are smaller in size and can be used for cleaning purposes with the entire unit placed carried by us. They are particularly useful when you want horizontal surfaces to be cleaned. Their efficiency at cleaning tough stains is also much appreciated and highly rated.

They have various advantages over traditional steam cleaners and steam mops. They also have many deficiencies that cannot be overcome without a traditional steam cleaner or steam mop. The handheld steam cleaners cost a lot less than the traditional steam cleaners. In fact, the cost of an average handheld steam cleaner is almost 70-85 percent less than the bigger steam cleaners. The other advantages include the variety of nozzles that are available with most handheld steam cleaners.

You might also opt for two in one steam cleaners that have a detachable handheld steam cleaner attached to a traditional steam cleaner or steam mop. They can perform the tasks expected from a handheld steam cleaner to a certain extent. The problem, however, is the quality of these steam cleaners. Quite often the detachable handheld steam cleaner in a two in one variety is not of a very high quality. It has a limited number of nozzles. It is also not very efficient for cleaning tough stains.

The other factor that is important is that the cost of a two in one steam cleaner cum handheld steam cleaner is relatively higher. Lack of efficiency despite higher costs is not the smartest way to go. It would be better if you thoroughly assess your needs. If you need precision and detailed cleaning done for several articles then go for the best quality handheld steam cleaners within your budget.

You can also opt for vapor handheld cleaners that perform the cleaning tasks using water vapor heated to even higher temperatures. The benefit of these is that they do not leave any moisture behind on the object or article that has been cleaned. Their cleaning quality is better than the traditional handheld steam cleaners. Since the temperature of heated water in these cleaners is even higher the removal of germs is also done to a much higher degree. Many bacteria and germs that survive the impact of traditional handheld steam cleaners fall victim to the vapor steam cleaners.

The other advantage of using handheld steam cleaners is that they do not use any chemicals for the purposes of cleaning. This will ensure that the objects cleaned do not have to face the harshness of chemicals that are used for cleaning. If a little bit of residue is left after cleaning is done by a chemical then it might pose health risks. The scenario becomes even more hazardous if you have very small kids in your house.

Some small babies have the tendency of touching things by their hands as well as their tongue. Chemical residue left on objects after cleaning, in that case, might be unfortunate. Consider the health and wellness of yourself as well as your kids and buy the best possible handheld steam cleaner for your needs.

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