8 things you need to know about Aagard

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8 things you need to know about Aagard

June 20, 2016No Comments

1)The machine is custom made to fit your product

You do not have to shape your product to fit inside a one size fits all container. Aagard has taken that pain away by designing a brilliant system to fit your product and pack it for you to save time and money

2)Every function you need, it has

If your company needs to package your product, then pack it into boxes to be shipped, and then stack those boxes onto pallets to be moved out of your ware house for shipment the Aagard system can do that for you. Not only all that, but during this conveyer belt process it uses high powered suction cups to open the flat boxes to be filled with your product. The machine can even glue the package and boxes shut without the assistance of a single person!

3)Quality assurance?

It has quality assurance built right into it. If the robotic pieces’ sense that something is not filled correctly, or shut right, or even something so miniscule as a box is facing the wrong way, the item is either corrected if at all possible or moved off the conveyer belt to be assessed by a human as to what went wrong. Also, one box from each cycle is removed from the belt to be checked for quality assurance to make sure everything went as programed.

4)Exact dimensions

Because everything is customized to your preferences and for your products you can get maximum product onto a pallet to save of shipping cost. A robotic arm will turn and flip the final packed box whichever way it needs to face before it reaches the final stage where a suction cup lifts it off the conveyer belt onto the pallet in an exact location for maximum products shipped.

5)Space saving design

The Aagard team has some seriously amazing ideas on how to build machines that are both functional and space friendly. Every business has limited space. Some have more than others but no one has infinite amounts of space. So the space saving features of these machines are really nice. Using every inch of their parameter’s to build within they even include the space up above where the conveyer belt is running.

Using a system that loads ready pallet boxes onto a shelf like structure that then lifts a loaded shelf up and brings in a new unloaded to be filled it very quickly and effectively makes a wall, if you will, of ready to pallet merchandise. Once every shelf is filled the boxes keep coming on the conveyer belt but this signals the next stage to start. From that point on boxes are rolled down to the palletizer and prepared for shipment. It is an endless process until each shelf is lowered and packed onto a pallet. Genius time and space saving innovation.

6)Great ideas need great machines

This is somewhere along the lines of Aagard’s slogan. If you have a need for a packaging process and a rough idea of how it would work, this amazing team can make that need a reality. The quick thinking engineer minds behind this company are really something else. It is one thing to create one great machine and then have people find a way to use it to their advantage; but to take the needs of other businesses and create so many machines to fit so many different needs. It is truly amazing.


Constantly changing the way of thinking something should work to make it work better. That is what this company is all about. It is plain to see just from the way each machine works differently but the same. There is pure genius here and if you have the opportunity to get ahold of some of it for your business, there is not a single reason to convince you otherwise.

8)Save on man hours

The amount of time saved simply from not having to have someone stand and open flat boxes and assemble them to be packed alone is enough to convince a business owner to investigate more. Let alone the fact that the machine then packs the box, seals the box, and stacks the box on a pallet for shipment. How could this possible get any better? If we are lucky it will. Contact Aagard today to see what they have dreamed up now!

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