The Myths of Internet Marketing

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The Myths of Internet Marketing

April 30, 2016No Comments

If you’re aware of the existence of Digital, or Internet Marketing, you should also be aware of how successful it can be. If you’re looking to have a “slice of the cake” that is digital marketing, and are just venturing out for the first time into this confusing world which is littered with conflicting information, then make sure you ignore some of the common myths.

Done right, digital marketing can be the single most effective method of expanding your business, the growth can be simply amazing. We’d like to debunk the following myths to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes many do.

1. Results can be had with very little time input.

Many people expect to put in very little time and see amazing results, this just isn’t the case with digital marketing, you need to put a lot of time and thought into how you go about marketing your product or service online. Everything from writing content for your website, to maintining the site and dealing with advertisers all takes up time. If you value your time more than the cost of a professional then you should employ a reputable company such as Calgary SEO rather than trying to do the work by yourself.

2. It is too hard to track the results of a digital marketing campaign.

From the many years I’ve been in the online marketing industry, I can safely say that this is simply not true. There are many many ways to track how well a particular campaign is doing – have you published a new article? If that article is getting a lot of traffic, then that is one metric you can take into account when gauging the success of your campaign. Have conversions improved since you changed your landing page and simplified the sales process? Great – you can chalk that up as a success too – you know how your website performed before you started the campaign, you’ll also know how it’s performing during, and after the campaign, so you’ve tracked the results!

3. Digital Marketing MUST be expensive.

This is another common misconception – People think that digital marketing has to be expensive, we’re not saying it’s never expensive, of course it is, much like eating out can cost a little, or a lot – like everything, you do get what you pay for, but if you are careful and choose a company based on recommendations, then you can be fairly confident that the pricing is worth it.

4. SEO is a dying art.

We hear it every day “SEO is dead” or “SEO is dying” – that’s simply not true, parts of SEO are dead, yes – gone are the days of paying someone to fire 10 thousand links at your website and hitting rank 1 in a couple of weeks, but that’s a good thing, anything which is too simple quickly becomes saturated, SEO is not dying, but it is evolving, Google constantly change their ranking factors, their algorithms, and SEO companies also adapt their techniques to suit. Perhaps “SEO is no longer as simple as it once was” is a more accurate statement.

5. Social Media is the “Be all and End All”.

Whilst not strictly true, this statement does have some truth in it – Social media is HUGE in 2016, and to ignore it as a tool in the online marketing world would be downright silly. A Facebook or Twitter account with a large, relevant follower base can be a huge resource – think of it like this, some large companies spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on television advertising, to get their product in front of a viewer base that suits them. Social media can let you place your product in front of your exact target market in seconds, with ZERO outlay – simply post a tweet, or a post on the Facebook timeline and you’ve accomplished what media companies charge hundreds of thousands for.

So there you have it, the next time you want to enter into the digital marketing game and someone misinforms you, you can either re-educate them or ignore them, but don’t let it put you off!

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