Party on the patio – block paving? A great choice

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Party on the patio – block paving? A great choice

April 23, 2016No Comments

Decorative block paving is a type of paving commonly used to create driveways and patio areas outside residential properties. The main benefit of block paving is that it is made up of individual bricks, so should one become damaged or discoloured, it can be easily lifted out and replaced, instead of having to re-lay the entire driveway. The ability to lift and re-lay small sections is also useful if you need to perform any ground works under the driveway, lifting individual blocks means you do not need to dig up a large section of your driveway and patch it back together when the work is done.

There are many different paving contractors which are experienced in the area of block paving, one such company is Birmingham paving contractor, who have many many years of experience in all aspects of paving.

When looking for a contractor to lay block paving for you, you can search the internet for contractors in your local area, or you can check out the local telephone directory, or even ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations of any companies which they have used, assuming they had a good experience with them.

Once you’ve chosen a contractor, they’ll be able to do an initial site survey and give your reccomendations on materials to use based on their experience. It is important that you choose blocks which will fit in with your home and the surrounding areas, a well presented block paved driveway or patio can increase the value of your home, and also make it look significantly more presentable. Choose a pattern which suits you, or your surroundings, and let your contractor handle the groundwork.

Some people attempt to save money when having block paving installed by doing it themselves. This is most common on the likes of garden patios – whilst DIY block paving is possible and can be done by someone who is relatively competent at DIY, it can be hard work and use a lot of energy, and can certainly be costly if you make a mistake.

There are certain specialist tools required to do a good job on a block paving patio or driveway, most of these tools will be available to hire from a local company on a per day or per week basis, it is important to factor in the cost of tool hire into the paving costs so that you know what your final cost will be.

Materials available are extensive, and can vary from area to area, many areas will have suppliers who supply local style stone, as well as more commonly available coloured blocks. You can look at completed projects on the internet to get a good idea of available colours, patterns and styles and even find guides on exactly what you’ll need and how to do the job yourself.

There are many many styles and colours to choose from, picking can be hard so take your time and be sure you make a decision you’ll be happy with for years to come, block paving is highly durable and will last for tens of years.

Once your project is complete, the paved are can be used for anything from a driveway to store cars, to a large patio area to have summer bbqs and parties.

Whatever you choose to use it for, you can rest in the knowledge that a block paved area was the right choice.

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