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Get more exposure for your Android app

February 18, 2016No Comments

Creating an Android App┬ácan be a costly and time consuming process but once it’s done, it’s done – now you need to put all that hard work to good use and get people downloading, installing and using your app, but how?

There are several ways to promote a new Android app – and they need not be expensive, after all, chances are you’ve spent quite a lot on the development of the app, so if you have some spare time you can tackle some of these on your own, and hire someone to perform the rest.

Word Of Mouth

Perhaps the simplest, and most effective way to promote your app (or anything for that matter – assuming it is good enough) is to tell people about it, friends, family, colleagues – the idea is that they will download your app and use it, and hopefully love it.

If they do find it good, then hopefully they will tell their friends and family too, if you tell 10 people and only 2 people install it, and they tell 10 people each, and so on, you could have hundreds of installs in no time.

Social Media / Website

By far the biggest reach you’re going to get to promote anything is online, whether that be through a social media network such as Facebook or Twitter, or through a website dedicated to the app, it’s certainly a resource you should NOT leave untapped.

It’s easy enough to create a Facebook page, and you can put together a basic website with very limited knowledge within a few hours – showcase your app, really sell its key points and make sure it sounds like something people MUST have.

Of course, having a Facebook page or a website doesn’t guarantee people will visit them, that’s where you might like to bring in an SEO consultant to look over your site or profile and make (or carry out) recommendations on how best to build your traffic.

Some SEO work can be expensive, however an initial consultation is often free, so you can get an idea beforehand of what would be involved in getting your presence known.

Google’s Play Store

Perhaps the most targeted market you will reach is users of Google’s Play store, but with more than 1.5 million apps to compete with, your app will need to stand out from the crowd, be interesting, or provide a solution to a problem.

To get your app onto Google’s Play store is a fairly simple process, you’ll need the completed, error free source code, or a compiled, fully working APK, at least 2 screenshots of your application (make these interesting – use them to sell your product!), a Google account, and the fee to sign up as a publisher, this is a fairly modest fee, around $25. Once you have all of these, you can upload your apk and be live within a few hours!

That’s all there is to it, if you’re wondering which of the 3 options you should use to promote your Android app, the only answer is “All 3” – each method brings it’s own audience, and it’s own PROs and CONs, you can never have too much publicity, so get out there, get known and reap the rewards from all of your hard work!

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