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The success of Android

July 18, 2015No Comments

Android. We all know what it is, or at least know of it – with TV advertisements every day showing off the latest and greatest smart phones, If it’s not an iPhone then chances are it runs on Android, of course, there’s also Windows for smartphones, but Android’s market share far dominates all of the others. In 2013 almost 70% of all Smartphones were Android based. But why is Android so popular?

Google created Android operating system many years ago, some claim, to compete with iOS, although it has now far surpassed any expectations of how well it would really do.

Open Source – simple development

Android is an open source, and more importantly FREE platform, and this may be one of the major contributing factors to its success – along with Android smartphones being in general a lot more affordable than the Apple equivalent.

Android is also popular among developers – with no exotic hardware or software requirements in order to get into Android development (unlike Apple’s whereby it’s a major pain in the rear trying to get any device other than an Apple device to run their development suite).

There are several different development suites available for Android, with Android Studio being an excellent option for many, with a simple interface to download required SDKs and plugins.

Not all Android users are developers though, right? Right. In fact, the majority of Android users are NOT developers, in fact many Android users don’t even have access to a PC or laptop, nor do they understand how to work them – that brings us to Androids next big selling point;

Ease of Use

Android is very simple to use, which is helped along by the fact that it is used primarily on touchscreen devices – want to send an email? No problem, just touch the email app and off you go. Want to browse Facebook? Just touch it.

Did you know that a massive amount of Facebook users use it exclusively on an Android smartphone, and probably never log in on any other type of device?

Whether you’re a technophobe who’s not one for learning new things, a young child looking to learn and play games, or a grandparent looking to video call their grand children without having to learn a whole complicated process, then an Android smartphone has you covered.

Amount of uses

With millions of apps available, Android provides a solution to hundreds of thousands of problems. It can act as a personal assistant, a web browser, a music player, a media streamer, and much much more – if you have an issue you need to solve, chances are, there’s an app for that!

Track your fitness levels, navigate your journey, and record your cherished moments, or even review your best dashcam recordings, Android has got you covered.


Android is based on the Linux operating system, which historically has required very little resources to run in a fast, smooth manner.

What this means is, the sheer amount of devices capable of running Android, and the cost of these devices have allowed a huge market to access them. If you compare to the likes of Apple who, although they sell hundreds of thousands of Smartphone handsets, laptops and other devices every year, have a prohibitive price point, you’ll see just how easy it is to obtain an Android device.

Whether you’re looking for a new phone, a tablet PC, a netbook style laptop (such as the Chromebook) or even a TV set, chances are, Android will be running in the background of at least some of your range of choices!

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